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Chairman’s message

Dream as you will live forever and live as you will die tomorrow…

Hello everybody…

First, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all visitors to this website on behalf of  Board of directors, management team of Petronet Group Holding, There is a wealth of information on this site on the platform and properties that we manage and or maintain. Therefore we invite you to periodically visit this website as you will find that there will always be something to interest you and we value your feedback & suggestions to help shape the future of our website and promise to take appropriate measures to address your concern immediately.

It is our firm belief that for a company to be successful over time it must be based on strong foundations of compliance and sustainable business practices, with the utmost commitment to being conscience of our global diversity and ethical structure. We are in a period in time where mutual respect and good heartedness is what will allow us to live a peaceful and prosperous life.

  We at Petronet Group recommit on a daily base our attempt to be the most transparent and loyal business partner to our customers  It is in this manner that longevity plays out into a trustworthy relationship through thick or thin.

  One of the most important drivers of global development is the honest attempt to provide security to our biggest global problem which is the lack of food and the determination to help develop the poverty stricken with the knowledge it takes to initiate the proper structure to become self reliant, which will in turn promote growth and the will needed in the pursuit of stability  throughout the area.

  I personally am witnessing a period of time where in the midst of important changes opportunities to do the right things must and with God blessings will prevail. 

  Petronet  Group  is dedicated to help make your association with us a trustworthy and prosperous venture with the professionalism it takes to maintain all involved accountable as well as dependable in their responsibility to the venture, as nothing is particularly hard if we divide it into small jobs on Henry Ford phrase, Petronet’s main strengths are divided on few strong divisions:

 Foods & Grains Dept. :  We’re committed to serve you being partner of your purchase in regards to grown commodities products, our deep knowledge of the relevant sectoral global market is the cornerstone that has enables us to meet our customers need.

 Energy & Metals Dept. : We’re providing energy to life being provider of mined and extracted commodities products such as Crude oil, refined products, minerals and precious metals with the focus on promoting green renewable energy for the well-being of future generations

Commodity-product spread Dept :  a chain tight performance from the very beginning to the very end, PG Stock Exchange is your partner that you can trust in a context of hedging risks and avoiding commodities daily’s price volatility negative impact

With this department you can truly Set your expectations high, we’re considered deals makers, our professional team is relentlessly providing the markets best buy opportunities, just keep checking over Spot Offers link for great spot deals among Commodities, Currencies, Crypto currencies, Global indices, Bonds , Equities, assets management, Sovereign funds & investment portfolios..

Medecine & Para-Medical Dept.  

Throughout our strategic partnership with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacture we supply generic & globally licensed pharmaceutical , medical and semi-medical Equipements.

Consulting Dept.: A logistic and finance firm entrusted with tasks of transport, Insurance and re-insurance services, real estate promotion, infra-structure projects, Telecommunication, Investments, Financial services and so on…… 

I am proud of growth and progress of the Petronet Group which first component was started in 2003 with the mindset of providing a service which is superior to the competition, for it is this focus on details and timing that has allowed it to blossom into a powerhouse of Purveyors, Buyers, Clients, and Customers that know our word is our bond!

Moving forward, it is our goal to strengthen and improve our core processes and services where possible, and add additional services as you need them. We’re the most direct route to performance and we are striving to be the world leading commodity partner you’ll ever need. 

Petronet Holding Group, its subsidiaries and affiliates, strictly adhere to the principles of fairness and ethical conduct and so we are committed to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct.

Last but not least, Love, from all of us , in the name of truth, Blessings and peace.



Founder & Chairman.