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PG Medical

Your Matter & We Care ...

Who are we?

PG Medical provides pharmaceutical and medical products and business services to retail pharmacies and institutional providers like  health systems internationally.

Our medical supplies are sourced from suppliers who meet our regulatory and quality standards. We offer a wide range of supplies from pharmaceuticals, Equipments  to medical devices.

What we do?


Throughout its strategic partnership with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical equipments manufactures, PG Medical physically supply generic & globally licensed pharmaceutical , medical and semi-medical equipments , providing regular and field hospitals and all kind of equipments related to medical sector according to the latest terms and conditions of World Health Organization and its affiliated offices locally, regionally and internationally . 

 We also provide specialty pharmaceutical solutions for biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers , as well as practice management, technology and clinical support to different specialty practices , Additionally, we deliver a comprehensive offering of healthcare products, technology, equipment and related services to the non-hospital market, surgery centers, long-term care facilities and home health care businesses.